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Thanks for your support

Thanks for your support

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Our great thanks to all our friends who came to The Gaelic Club last Thursday for our ‘dillos Go Gaelic show. It was great to have your company and to share the night with you in this under appreciated venue.

Of course, being the day before Good Friday, the traffic was horrific so it was a slow drive for a lot of you. And thanks to those who let us know that they couldn’t make it due to Easter holidays. Sorry, we didn’t think of that but we will next time.

However the show was lots of fun! The wonderfully talented Meri Amber kicked off the night with a terrific set of her songs. She describes it as “geek pop” but I’d say she writes great songs on just about any subject. She is a polished and professional performer and delivers her excellent songs with passion. Her vocals,  guitar playing and stage presence are absolutely stunning. We believe that you’ll certainly be hearing much more of Meri Amber. And thanks to Patrick who took these pics, just click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

The tvery alented Meri Amber
The super talented Meri Amber 

The ‘dillos played two sets and we included a bunch of our faves for you. Nick Lowe’s “Half A Boy And Half A Man” and The Band’s “Up On Cripple Creek” were the most fun for me but everyone had their own personal pick on the night. Of course we also played lots of songs from our four CDs and were all knackered by the end of the show.

This is too much fun

This is simply too much fun!

We will be fired up again for the next one though…it will be special and we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime you can check out some of our other upcoming gigs in various formats on the Shows page.

Mal and the boys looking studious
Malcolm looking studious as dmc & Wayne search for the lost chord

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