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this is what we do

this is what we do

$23.95 (includes GST and free delivery within Australia)

The Armadillo Label  – Cat: Arm No 15 (2013)
The latest album by David Mason-Cox and The Wild Armadillos. Produced by DMC with Doug Weaver and Tim Ryan this CD reveals maturity earned the hard way.

this is what we do is a clever, diverse and polished album. Mason-Cox’s songs proudly wear their influences on their sleeve – which is not a complaint. There are hints of classic Beatles pop and, at other times, the songs employ the sort of first-person storytelling favoured by Paul Simon. There are even hints of Little Feat’s musical gumbo. Of course this is David’s own particular style of gumbo, one that will satisfy even the most jaded musical palate.”

Dave Faulkner Hoodoo Gurus

“Wow! What a brilliant album…the voice of an angel and heartfelt songs, beautifully crafted production and hints of some of my favourite bands – Little Feat, Procul Harem, Lennon…deep groove from drummer Malcolm Wakeford & bassist Wayne Kellett and all the tasty stuff on top from a cast of legends…hats off to all! Seriously good!”

Paul Berton
Leading Australian producer, musical director, composer and session guitarist

“An autobiographical project displaying great attention to detail. The lyrics cover all stages of the songwriter’s life and the characters populating the narrative are familiar to us all. Here they are lovingly remembered by the composer.
The Wild Armadillos play with great strength and confidence. There is a good variety of time, feel and dynamics throughout the13 tracks. The producers and sound engineers have delivered a cd that is very well recorded and mixed. All in all this is a high quality recording.”

Kerrie Biddell
Legendary Australian jazz vocalist & musical educator